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Decisions Are Hard

The decisions we make, chart the course of our lives. Yet, many of us are challenged by making decisions. How many of the following resonate with you?

  • You find yourself hampered by procrastination.
  • You believe that making a wrong decision is shameful and must be avoided at all costs.
  • Simple things don’t seem to get off the to-do list.
  • Self-sabotage haunts you, hindering you in achieving goals and completing tasks.
  • You notice that you slow down or pull back from projects as completion or success is in sight.
  • You keep going flip-flopping on your decisions.
  • You feel you must look decisive, even when you are not ready to make a decision.
  • You rely so heavily on more information that decisions don’t get made.

It's not a consequence of any character flaw, but rather the presence of competing intentions within all of us. Like isometrics, when two equal and opposite forces meet, it is hard to get much traction.

Learn the C.A.T. Method


Learn how to clarify your intentions, even the hidden ones that cause havoc in your decision-making.


Use the 3-step system that aligns your intentions behind your core need, maximizing the impact of your decisions.


Take action with ease by using the proven C.A.T method created to help senior executives make better decisions.

This short course includes four videos, one audio, and two pdfs to help you begin Clarifying Intentions.

Time: approximately 53 minutes. 

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